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Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. We support and are supported to develop our own personal best stories. Our team is full of smart, driven people who care a lot more about getting it done, and the relationships we build, than about proving how clever we are.

We work hard, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy what we do and we laugh a lot.¬†We employ dynamic individuals with a passion for change in the industry as well as depth in their respective area of expertise. Our goal is to empower each member of our team so they can empower you in return.

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Daisy Jordan

General Manager

James Statin

Lead Designer

Bradley Stein


Megan Love

Social Media

Meet The Team

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Timothy Aarons

Having spent his summers working at his dad's agency, Timothy's love for marketing started at a young age.

Olivia Marshall

With patience and preciseness, Olivia gives each project the right amount of care. Olivia has worked with us for 3 years.

Sam Matthews
Marketing Manager

Sam has a go-getter attitude and never takes no for an answer. With 8 years experience, Sam is well known in the industry.

Martha Robins
Lead Developer

With a masters degree in computer science, Martha is well versed in her field. She's worked with us for 5 years.

The Team

The best way to create great things is with great people. Each of us believes in the power of team work and genuine friendships.

Chloe Harris

Having grown up in New York, Chloe has a heart for creative arts. She never slows down and is always dreaming of more.

Calvin Marcus

Small town guy with a big imagination, Calvin brings the fun to any meeting. You can count on him to brighten your day.

Thomas Barnes

Thomas may be a wiz with computers but he's great at baking too. Every Friday, he bakes fresh cookies for the office.

Autumn Marshall
Project Manager

Autumn never misses a chance to bring her dog Scout to the office. She loves making friends and enjoying nights out in the city.

The Executive Team
We are not a faceless company, so take a moment and get to know more about our team.
Sarah richards
With 10 years experience as a designer and studio manager, Sarah has worked with big names around the world. She’s also great with a sketchbook. Sarah brings her dog to work daily.
Richard Jeffer

Richard focuses on bringing new business to the company. He also has qualifications in project management to ensure that projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Michael Smith
Boasting over 10 years experience in the industry, Michael is our Creative Director, digital designer, web designer and front-end developer. He’s worked for us for over 5 years now.